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Words in Action 1

As the marketing guru walked to his office in the sunshine he saw the homeless guy. Sitting in the street with his cardboard sign.

The sign said 'I'm blind' his cup had a couple of quid in it. The guru spent the evening working on the homeless guy's 'marketing'. He put a new sign next to the blind man next morning. On his way home he passed the guy, who now had piles of notes (not just coins). The sign now read:

'It's Spring, and I'm blind'.

Words can change your world.

Words in Action 2

What's the commonest phrase in the English Language? "I don't know'

Actually I DO know......the answer is 'I don't know'

Next time someone responds with 'I don't know'

just say this. 'What if you DID know?'

Be amazed.......... because more than 50% of the time, the person has a little think and starts to answer your original question.

Words can change your world.

Words in Action 3

Mummy can I have an ice cream? NO

Please mummy, I've been really good. NO

Aw please....all the other kids have got an ice cream...please Mummy. NO

I want an ice cream (bursts into tears)...you never get me anything. I've tidied my room and been really good and you promised me. Why do all the other kids get one and I don't (crying...floods of tears) please Mummy please sob sob sob

Ok .............but only a small one.

Words can change your world.

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